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Les Damon stars as Michael Waring, aka The Falcon, a suave private eye who offered "a hand to oppressed men and an eye toward repressed women."  The character was a combination of two other detectives, including the star of a popular B-movie series, and The Falcon proved popular with radio mystery fans during his decade-long run on the air.  We'll hear "The Case of the Flaming Club," originally aired on NBC on May 6, 1951.

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In honor of his birthday, "Down These Mean Streets" presents an hour of old time radio crime drama starring the incomparable Jack Webb.  First, he's the no-nonsense Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet in "The Big Elevator" (originally aired on NBC on April 24, 1952).  Then, he's the hard-boiled Pat Novak For Hire in "Agnes Bolton" (an Armed Forces Radio Service rebroadcast of a June 5, 1949 ABC episode).

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In honor of Batman's 75th anniversary, we present a bonus podcast featuring some of the Caped Crusader's radio adventures.  We'll hear Batman and Robin co-starring on The Adventures of Superman, as they team up with the Man of Steel to save Lois Lane from a murder charge.  It all happens in the thrilling conclusion to "Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang," originally aired on Mutual between September 19 and September 21, 1945.

Bob Bailey stars as "the man with the action packed expense account" in a complete five-part adventure of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.  From 1955 through 1956, Dollar's adventures aired five nights a week over CBS and this run of shows is remembered today as a highlight of the Golden Age of Radio.  We'll hear "The Cui Bono Matter," originally aired on CBS between February 13 and February 17, 1956.  Plus - find out who won our 50th Episode Contest!

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Frank Lovejoy was one of the busiest actors during the Golden Age of Radio, and we're saluting him this week with an hour of his performances as crimefighters on the air.  First, he's back as Chicago reporter Randy Stone in "The Hunter Becomes the Hunted" from Night Beat, originally aired on NBC on September 11, 1950.  Then, he dons the mask and costume of The Blue Beetle in the 1940 syndicated episode "Murder for Profit."

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Celebrate the birthday of actress Mercedes McCambridge with an hour of Defense Attorney.  The Oscar winner stars as crusading lawyer Martha Ellis Bryant, a legal eagle cut from the same cloth as Perry Mason, in "The Case of Joseph Moriano," the series' audition episode from April 1951; and "Client Jimmy Leonard," originally aired on ABC on September 14, 1951.

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It's another adventure of Boston Blackie, gentleman thief turned gumshoe.  After Chester Morris' 1944 summer run, Richard Kollmar stepped in and starred as Blackie in nearly 300 syndicated episodes.  As always, Blackie tries to crack the case and remains a thorn in the side of the stubborn Inspector Farraday.  We'll hear "Murder at the Movies," one of Kollmar's syndicated episodes.

Joseph Curtin and Alice Frost star as Mr. and Mrs. North, a pair of amateur married sleuths who can't seem to avoid landing neck-deep in trouble.  Publisher Jerry and his wife Pam stumbled into murder and mayhem for twelve years on radio and a few more on television.  The duo star in "Dead Giveaway," an Armed Forces Radio Service rebroadcast of a show originally aired on CBS on February 19, 1952.

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Howard Duff stars as Sam Spade in an hour-long episode of "radio's outstanding theater of thrills" - Suspense.  It's "The Kandy Tooth," a story originally presented on The Adventures of Sam Spade and recreated on the anthology thriller series.  This unofficial sequel to The Maltese Falcon with an all-star radio cast originally aired on CBS on January 10, 1948.

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Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, and Sydney Greenstreet recreate their film roles in this radio adaptation of The Maltese Falcon.  John Huston's film of Dashiell Hammett's novel is a classic, and it was translated several times over radio.  Hear Sam Spade's search for the "Black Bird" recreated on Academy Award, originally aired on CBS on July 3, 1946.

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