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Welcome to Down These Mean Streets, a weekly trip back to the Golden Age of Radio where we rub elbows with the era's greatest private eyes, cops, and crime-fighters. Since 2013, I've been podcasting everything from cozy mysteries to police procedurals, spotlighting characters ranging from hard boiled gumshoes to amateur sleuths. 

Be sure to tune in each Sunday for adventures of a radio detective and the behind-the-scenes stories of their shows. Join me as we spend time with Sam Spade, Johnny Dollar, Sgt. Joe Friday, and more!

May 17, 2015

Step into the shoes of the criminal in The Whistler, one of radio’s best mystery anthologies. In tales narrated by the titular sinister storyteller, you’ll follow the culprit as they plot and carry out the perfect crime only to be undone by a twist of fate before the curtain comes down. As the Whistler, Bill Forman narrates stories starring two radio detective stars in roles on the opposite side of the law: Howard Duff in “The Witness at the Fountain” (first aired on CBS on September, 9, 1946); and Gerald Mohr as “The Clever Mr. Farley” (first aired on CBS on November 27, 1949).