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Welcome to Down These Mean Streets, a weekly trip back to the Golden Age of Radio where we rub elbows with the era's greatest private eyes, cops, and crime-fighters. Since 2013, I've been podcasting everything from cozy mysteries to police procedurals, spotlighting characters ranging from hard boiled gumshoes to amateur sleuths. 

Be sure to tune in each Sunday for adventures of a radio detective and the behind-the-scenes stories of their shows. Join me as we spend time with Sam Spade, Johnny Dollar, Sgt. Joe Friday, and more!

Nov 8, 2015

Dick Powell retired his image as a boyish crooner with his acclaimed portrayal of Philip Marlowe in Murder, My Sweet. The big screen adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s Farewell, My Lovely was and is a critically acclaimed hit – thanks in no small part to Powell’s performance. Murder, My Sweet recast Powell as a cinematic tough guy and it paved the way for future gumshoe roles on screen and radio. We’ll hear Dick Powell recreate the film, along with Mary Astor and Mike Mazurki, in Hollywood Star Time (originally aired on CBS on June 8, 1946).